Snow Cone Machine Hire Sydney

Snow Cone Machine Hire Sydney

Why Hire A Snow-Cone Machine In Sydney For Your Next Event?

Need a foolproof way to make a profit at your next fundraising event?  What does every successful birthday party or school fete need?  A snow cone machine hire in Sydney is the easiest way to keep kids happy and an easy way to raise funds.  Super popular rain or shine, but always a winner in the warm weather!  Consider a snow cone machine hire for your next community event.  Remember a snow cone machine is also the perfect complement to a fairy floss machine!

  • A snow-cone station provides a refreshing and fun treat at any event.  Always popular on hot days and kids love to choose their flavours and mix them.
  • Snow-cone machines are fabulous for entertaining kids at a birthday party, pool party, or a summer get-together. Delicious treats not only for the kids − adults also love them too.
  • Snow cone machines are user-friendly and easy to operate. They require minimal setup, and with a brief demonstration, anyone can manage the machine. 
  • Snow cone machine hire Sydney is a cost-effective way to add a fun element to your event.  Fast and easy to serve – allowing you to maximise profits when fundraising!  All you need to add is power and ice!
  • Snow cone machines bring a novelty factor to your event.

Before renting a snow cone machine, consider the size of your event and how many serves you will need.  The beauty of a snow cone machine hire is that as long as you have ice, snow cones and syrup you can keep serving snow cones! 

About Fudge Shop Hire

For more than ten years, Fudge Shop Hire has been supplying snow cone machine hire in Sydney along with other fun machines for your party, carnival, fundraiser, or other events. We have earned a reputation for reliability and excellent service. Our commercial-grade machines are well maintained and high-quality ensuring that your event runs as smoothly as possible. Feel free to do it yourself, or we’ll send experienced and friendly staff to operate our machines for you – it’s up to you.

Contact us today to discuss the machine hire that you need for your next event. We look forward to helping you impress your guests. Bring back nostalgia at your next party with a snow cone machine hire in Sydney. Contact us if you have any questions.  We can discuss your requirements and tailor the package to suit you perfectly.

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