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Order Your Pre-Packed Fairy Floss From Fudge Shop Hire In Sydney

We have a reputation at Fudge shop Hire for producing delicious pre-packed fairy floss.  All our pre-packed fairy floss is made to order ensuring a fresh and fluffy product.

Fairy floss was first made by hand in Europe in the 1700s. Machine-spun candy floss was devised by William Morrison, a dentist, and the confectioner John C. Wharton, in 1897. The triumph was launched at the World’s Fair in 1904, and kids and adults can still not resist it today.

$1.50, plus GST, per bag.  Minimum order 50 bags.

Why Buy Packed Fairy Floss For Your Next Event?

  • Convenience: Pre-packed fairy floss is ready to go and can be sold quickly at a fete or fair.  it can also be taken home to enjoy later.

  • Easy Distribution: With pre-packed fairy floss, you can easily distribute individual servings without the need for a machine.  This can be particularly useful if you’re hosting an event in a location where it’s not practical to set up a fairy floss machine or you don’t have access to power.

  • Variety of flavours and colours:  Pre-packed fairy floss comes in a variety of flavours and colours, allowing you to offer your guests a choice or pick a fundraising colour.

  • Portability: Pre-packed fairy floss is easily portable, making it suitable for outdoor events, festivals, or any location where it might be challenging to set up and operate a fairy floss machine.  Also great for take home treats or to share!

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